Mohawk professor Carrie Leo nominated for YWCA Hamilton Women of Distinction Award 2

Carrie LeoCongratulations to Carrie Leo on her YWCA Hamilton Women of Distinction award nomination.

Carrie, a professor with our School of Interdisciplinary Studies, has been instrumental in the success of our Community Integration Through Cooperative Education (CICE) program. Carrie teaches and helps Mohawk’s CICE students overcome their developmental, learning and physical disabilities.

As a project facilitator with the Hamilton Family Network, Carrie worked with youth and families and she brought the message of inclusion to the people of Zambia on the behalf of the United Nations on the Rights of Persons With Disabilities.

Mohawk is proud to once again sponsor the YWCA Hamilton Women of Distinction Awards and we congratulate all 43 remarkable women on their nominations.


  1. There is another Mohawk connection in the list of nominees. Susan Olynyk is the wife of long-time professor Peter Olynyk, also know as Truss Worthy of the Popsicle Stick Bridge Building Competition. Susan has brought the Bay Area Science fair to our campus and undoubtedly has encouraged many students to attend Mohawk College. Kudos to Susan Olynyk.

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