You asked: What’s your opinion on blended learning? 3

Mohawk did a good job of being one of the first postsecondary institutions in Ontario to offer students a mix of in-class and online learning.

We now need to become the best at delivering blended learning.  Whether they’re learning in-class or online, our students expect and deserve a quality education in every one of their courses.

Throughout my career in the private and public sectors, I’ve helped launch major technology projects.  Once the projects were launched, we compared what we accomplished against what we set out to achieve and then closed any gaps.

We’ll be taking the same approach at Mohawk. We’ll also look to, and learn from, the faculty who are doing an outstanding job of delivering blended learning. And we’ll review the supports we have in place for students and faculty.

While I have opinions on blended learning, I’m more interested in the opinions of students, faculty and staff and learning how we can set the standard for delivering in-class and online learning of the highest quality.

You asked: How will you avoid being surrounded by people who only tell you what they think you want to hear and not what you need to know? Reply

Everyone who’s worked with me over the past 35 years has learned three things.

I respect everyone’s opinion.

I seek out those opinions by continually asking questions everywhere I go and with everyone I meet.

And I value candid conversations and honest answers.

If you want to test my patience, shade the truth and tell me only what you think I want to hear.

To move Mohawk from good to great, we need everyone’s best ideas on the table and we can’t afford to ignore areas for improvement.

Good ideas aren’t limited to the President’s Office or the senior management team. I’m counting on great ideas from our students, alumni, faculty, staff and college partners.

You asked: Question: During the President’s Breakfast, you talked about Mohawk needing a signature program that helps our college stand out. Why is that important? Reply

It’s important because my job is to help you excel in your job.

One of the best ways I can help you is by enlisting the support of our funders, donors and employers.

We need their support to build our new engineering technology building and carry out other campus renewal projects, to fund students scholarships and bursaries, to bring new equipment and technology into our labs and to help train our students and hire our graduates.

Earning this support starts with forging connections. Those connections start with conversations.

We could introduce Mohawk by citing facts and figures.  We educate and serve 22,500 full-time, part-time and apprenticeship students each year. We have 110,000 future ready graduates. And we offer more than 120 programs at three campuses, with health and technology as a strategic focus for our college.

Or we could make a compelling case for support by talking about a program that represents the very best of what we do and that brings to life our mission and vision.  This isn’t about diminishing the value of other programs. Instead, it’s a way for us to start a conversation about all the ways we contribute to our community, our province and country.

What if we could introduce Mohawk by highlighting a program where student satisfaction scores are the highest in the province and the graduate employment rate is 100 per cent?

What if we could talk about the innovative projects that our students are working on in the college and out in the community?

What if we could showcase the program’s highly successful graduates who are making their mark as leaders within their industry?

And what if we could sing the praises of the exceptional and dedicated faculty and staff who bring a wealth of experience into their program and build win-win partnerships with employers?

Think of this program as Mohawk’s calling card and conversation starter.  It’s a program that’ll help further define and differentiate our college and connect us with funders, donors and employers who share our vision for transforming students’ lives and building stronger, more prosperous communities.

My Question Reply

In your opinion, which program would you showcase to prospective funders, donors and employers as a conversation starter? Which program exemplifies what we do best at Mohawk?

This could be an existing program, a combination of programs or a new program.

Some factors to take into consideration when highlighting a potential program:

  • Strong key performance indicator results – students are highly satisfied
  • Strong graduate employment rate
  • Innovative learning opportunities for students
  • Community engagement
  • Students who shine on the national and international stage
  • Successful alumni who are leaders in their industry
  • Exceptional faculty with a wealth of industry experience

I’ll post some of your answers in the weeks ahead.

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Kudos: Congrats to this year’s President’s Award and Award of Excellence Winners Reply

Dr. Nafia Al-Mutawaly is the recipient of this year’s President’s Award of Excellence. Nafia is a professor and principle investigator with Mohawk’s Energy Research Centre. He’s leading the first applied research project of its kind in Ontario related to energy distribution.  Nafia secured a five-year $2.3 million federal research grant and is Mohawk’s first ever Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council-sponsored industry research chair.

Congratulations to all of this year’s Mohawk Award of Excellence recipients were recognized with Nafia during the President’s Breakfast – Dan Popowich, Wendy Lawson, Troy Heath, Dan McKerrall, Marilyn Miccucci, Lucy Lobodici, Alan Griffiths, our Future Ready Process Initiative Team,  the Agency Concept Team and the ePortfolio Team. 

Future Ready Process Initiative Team: Rosemarie DeRubeis, Irina Maric, Rob McInnis, Frederic Nickner, David Ragona, Marguerite Bowerman, Mary Male, Katherine McCurdy-Lapierre, Alexia Neziol, Mirela Vujcic, James Cumming, Sangarapillai Muralitharan, Katie Currows, Debbie Calarco, Tammy Capone, Donna Drywood, Corinne Ethier, Tim Fricker, Shirley Kuta, Coline MacEachern, Marilyn Miccucci, Barbara Russell and Michelle Shuttler.

Agency Concept Team: Jef Petrossi,Raf Ferreira, Tim Tuck, Wayne Aubert, Joseph Duda and Jane Cooper.

ePortfolio Team: Julie Aumais, Amy Cook, Peggy French, Troy Heath, Kathy Hicks, Jenn Horwath, Leah MacCharles, Theresa Merwin, Alexia Neziol, Cathy Ozols, Valerie Parke, Lisa Pegg, Dawn Pielechaty, Jeffrey Rankine, Joanne Smith, Margaret Thomson, Shantal Woolsey and James Humphreys.

Special thanks to the team in Student Services and the crew of student ambassadors who welcomed 7,000 new students to Mohawk on their Day One program launches and college orientation. You made a great first impression.

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