Nominate outstanding Mohawk College faculty and staff deadline Reply

great job stampNext Friday is the deadline for Mohawk’s employee recognition award nominations.


The Mohawk Awards of Excellence recognize faculty, staff and teams who go above and beyond in making our college a great place to learn and work.

We present up to 10 Awards of Excellence each year. All the recipients are then in the running for President’s Awards of Excellence.

It only takes a few minutes to make an online nomination. Mohawk’s Executive Group reviews all the nominees and has the difficult task of deciding who to recognize.

The awards are then presented before a full house during our annual President’s Breakfast in late August. Every recipient receives a framed award.

Last year, Awards of Excellence were presented to:

  • Kathy Hicks for her outstanding work with students as the Collaboratory’s team lead
  • Marla Robinson for her leadership in connecting our college with academically at-risk youth
  • Robert Gerritsen for his mentoring of students in Mohawk’s Additive Manufacturing Resource Centre
  • Melanie Graham for supporting Early Childhood Education students on their field placements
  • Hetal Patel for her unwavering commitment to serving students in our School of Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Our Control Room Team in Facilities and Property Development for keeping our campuses cool in the summer and warm in the winter (Tony Scime, Rob Daniel, Kevin Buttrum, Brad Jordan, Brian Fitz, Glen Wojnar, Nicolar D’Aurizio, Alan McKee, Mike Flikkema, Steve Currie and Chris Hutchinson)
  • Karen Moore for her leadership and financial acumen in balancing Mohawk’s books
  • Kelvin Lee who takes his passion for Mohawk on the road as a Mohawk recruiter
  • Debra Pearson for consistently delivering outstanding programs and services for our students
  • And the Mohawk Access Team for removing barriers to post-secondary education for young people from priority neighbourhoods

President’s Awards of Excellence were given to Marla Robinson, Karen Moore, Kelvin Lee and the Mohawk Access Team.

Kudos: Congrats to this year’s President’s Award and Award of Excellence Winners Reply

Dr. Nafia Al-Mutawaly is the recipient of this year’s President’s Award of Excellence. Nafia is a professor and principle investigator with Mohawk’s Energy Research Centre. He’s leading the first applied research project of its kind in Ontario related to energy distribution.  Nafia secured a five-year $2.3 million federal research grant and is Mohawk’s first ever Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council-sponsored industry research chair.

Congratulations to all of this year’s Mohawk Award of Excellence recipients were recognized with Nafia during the President’s Breakfast – Dan Popowich, Wendy Lawson, Troy Heath, Dan McKerrall, Marilyn Miccucci, Lucy Lobodici, Alan Griffiths, our Future Ready Process Initiative Team,  the Agency Concept Team and the ePortfolio Team. 

Future Ready Process Initiative Team: Rosemarie DeRubeis, Irina Maric, Rob McInnis, Frederic Nickner, David Ragona, Marguerite Bowerman, Mary Male, Katherine McCurdy-Lapierre, Alexia Neziol, Mirela Vujcic, James Cumming, Sangarapillai Muralitharan, Katie Currows, Debbie Calarco, Tammy Capone, Donna Drywood, Corinne Ethier, Tim Fricker, Shirley Kuta, Coline MacEachern, Marilyn Miccucci, Barbara Russell and Michelle Shuttler.

Agency Concept Team: Jef Petrossi,Raf Ferreira, Tim Tuck, Wayne Aubert, Joseph Duda and Jane Cooper.

ePortfolio Team: Julie Aumais, Amy Cook, Peggy French, Troy Heath, Kathy Hicks, Jenn Horwath, Leah MacCharles, Theresa Merwin, Alexia Neziol, Cathy Ozols, Valerie Parke, Lisa Pegg, Dawn Pielechaty, Jeffrey Rankine, Joanne Smith, Margaret Thomson, Shantal Woolsey and James Humphreys.

Special thanks to the team in Student Services and the crew of student ambassadors who welcomed 7,000 new students to Mohawk on their Day One program launches and college orientation. You made a great first impression.